Have a performance or classic vehicle?
    We’ll take good care of it.

    Our services

    Let the experienced team at the ASF Rizzo Service Centre handle your vehicle’s servicing and repairs today.

    We service and repair:

    • All Petrol, Diesel and LPG
    • All light commercial – logbook service and minor major repairs
    • RWC – cars and light commercial
    • Radiators & Cooling Systems
    • Central locking systems
    • 4X4 systems
    • SRS body electrics power steering system
    • Eco systems
    • Suspension
    • Head gaskets
    • Common rail diesels
    • All steering
    • Injection systems
    • ABS traction stability control
    • Chassis electronic system
    • All fuel pumps including ag tractors and mower
    • Windscreens & side windows


    • All tyres supplied upon request fitted, balanced and aligned
    • Engine reconditioning
    • All auto electrical work completed for cars, boats, caravans, tractors and trailers
    • SRS body electrics power steering system repaired
    • Automatic and manual servicing available
    • Batteries checked and replaced
    • Scratch and dent and minor damage repairs
    • Spray painting undertaken on site
    • Interior car upholstery repairs

        Dyno tuning

        Dyno tuning is one of the most effective ways for diagnosing common problems and measuring the performance of a vehicle. By using the latest dyno testing technology, we are able to enhance the way we tune and diagnose vehicles. Using a systematic approach to engine tuning, we test, monitor and adjust your vehicle’s settings in a controlled environment and custom tune it on our dyno tuning machine to deliver the most effective results for your car.
        Dyno tuning can improve the everyday performance of your vehicle as well as save you money by improving your fuel economy, while delivering maximum reliability and providing environmental benefits.
        To arrange dyno tuning for your vehicle, call the friendly team at the ASF Rizzo Service Centre.

          LPG installation and repair

          The ASF Rizzo Service Centre is licensed with the Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB).  For the safe and reliable operation of the LPG system fitted to your vehicle, the AAFRB recommends that installation and repairs are always carried out in a AAFRB registered workshop by an AAFRB accredited installer.  The ASF Rizzo Service Centre is licensed to install LPG and undertake repairs to all LPG systems.
          Pop in and speak to one of our professional staff to organise your LPG conversion or repair today.

          Road Worthy Certificates (RWC) for cars and light commercial

          VicRoads require a Certificate of Roadworthiness when a vehicle is sold, if a used vehicle is to be re-registered or to clear a vehicle defect.  Our mechanics are licensed vehicle testers and are licensed to undertake Road Worthy Certificates (RWC) for cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks.
          We perform checks on key components of the vehicle including: wheels and tyres, steering, suspensions and braking systems, seats and seat belts, lights and reflectors, windscreen, windows including front wipers and washers, vehicle structure as well as other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.
          Contact our professional team on (03) 9464 7229 to organise your vehicle’s RWC today.

          Cooling system and radiator repairs and replacements

          To keep your car’s cooling system operating efficiently, let the team at the ASF Rizzo Service Centre look after you.  If your car is overheating or  has broken down, there can be several common causes of coolant system failure.  Our trustworthy mechanics are equipped to handle any cooling system replacements and repairs.  We can perform a range of cooling system services including: radiator cleaning and replacement, cooling fan repair, hose and tank replacements.
          For a quick repair of these issues and more, make an appointment with us today by calling (03) 9464 7229.

          After hours towing service

          We provide a reliable and convenient after hours towing service.
          Call (03) 9401 1616 to organise for your car to be towed –  day or night.

          Call us now on (03) 9464 7229

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